Some panoramas from the road...

I've wrapped some of the panoramas I made into a pano-player. There are mostly two wrappers for each panorama: Quick-Time and Flash. I would suggest the Qt ones as the Qt generally does a better job with sperical transformations, however my QT envelope keeps failing due to the license expiries...

N Title Caption FlashQt
1Marktplatz Halle The main square of Halle/Saale
2My dorm room in Halle My dorm room a few months after arrival...
3PolNight - Pano I По пути на вершину меж 2х "Катастроф"
4PolNight - Pano II По пути на вершину меж 2х "Катастроф"
5PolNight - Pano III По пути на вершину меж 2х "Катастроф"
6PolNight - Pano IV На вершине меж 2х "Катастроф"
7Spreeradweg / Spree Quelle At the spring of Spree...
8Spreeradweg / See A lake on the way along the Spree...
9Sky Disk Discovery Spot The discovery spot of the sky disk, Rossleben
10Sabrina's House At the house of Sabrina, Rossleben
11MSU Panorama MSU from the Lomonosov Point of view ,-)
12Brocken Panorama I A 360* view from the Brocken Summit I, Harz, 2009
13Brocken Panorama II A 360* view from the Brocken Summit II, Harz, 2009
14The Renaissance Garden A panorama of the Renaissance garden at the Gärten der Welt park in Berlin
15оз. Ястребиное Панорама оз. Ястребиное с вершины Парнаса
16Наш лагерь Панорама нашего лагеря на скалах в Кузнечном, 26.08.2009
17Kleinwalsertal Kleinwalsertal panoramas, Sept 2009
18Waldemar Petersen Haus Waldemar Petersen Haus, Hirschegg (1200 m)
19Walmendingeralpe (1600 m) Walmendingeralpe on the way to the Walmendinger Horn
20Walmendinger Horn I (1990 m) A 360x180 panorama from the Walmendinger Horn summit (1990 m), Kleinwalsertal, Austria - 6 Sept 2009
21Walmendinger Horn II (1990 m) Another panorama from the Walmendinger Horn
22Hochalppass (1930 m) Hochalppass on the way to the Gr. Widderstein Summit
23Gr. Widderstein (2533 m) Gr. Widderstein Summit (2533 m), Kleinwalsertal, Austria
24Gottesackeralpe (1950 m) Gottesackeralpe, most wonderful landscapes...
25Pamir 2010 / Krasnoarmejskij The upper circle of the Krasnoarmejskij Glacier (July 2010)
26Pamir 2010 / Abdukagor... The Abdukagor Glacier panorama taken on the descent from the Abdukagor pass... (July 2010)
27Pamir 2010 / Grum-Grgimajlo... Anticipations rising, the next to last obstacle drawing near...